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Since 1978 Bill has:

  • Spoken to over 5 million parents, educators, and students
  • Been certified as a Speaking Professional from the National Speakers Association (Less than 7% of professional speakers have this award)
  • Authored 15 parenting and teen books
  • Been featured in Chicken Soup for the Soul (2nd Helping and Teenage Soul)


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A note from Bill,

Thank you for stopping by.  Your time is too valuable for me to tell you how great I am and all the wonderful things that I alone can do for your youth, teachers or parents.  Besides, my mother wrote my bio so read carefully!

I started out as a youth speaker and 30 years later speaking to America’s youth is what Bill Sanders is all about.  Student assemblies give me the opportunity to reach the hearts and minds of our children and give them strategies and permission to become successful, make healthy choices, and be kind to others.  Laughter, powerful stories, and sincerity keep students on the edge of their seats.

Teachers and parents receive encouragement, hope, laughter and renewed energy from our In-Service sessions and parent meetings.  

For teachers: You have heard it said, “Those who can’t, teach.”  A wise man taught me: “Those who can, teach. Those who can’t, wish they could.”

For parents: “I’d be the perfect parent, if it weren’t for my kids!”

For Students: “We believe in you.  You are a gift, we give to a time we will never see.”

Bill Sanders