About Bill

Bill Sanders is a gifted speaker known for his sincerity, humor, and story-telling. Since 1978 he has been touching the lives of countless students, parents, teachers, and business people all across America. He has an uncanny ability of being able to speak the language and get on the level of many different audiences, all within the same day.

He has been blessed to be married to his wife, Holly, for 35 years. Without her behind the scenes, he would never have been able to have this ministry. He has 3 grown children and 6 grandchildren. Spending time with them is about as good as life can get for Bill.

He enjoys quiet time while watching the sun rise, golfing, painting watercolors, getting beat by Holly at a variety of games, studying God’s word, hot tubbing with the grandkids, and taaking walks on the beach.

His driving passion is to help parents have an easier time with the stressful stuff of parenting.







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Articles / Research / Services

Good Character - articles on classroom discussion techniques.
ERIC Resources on Character Education
A to Z Teacher Stuff Network Articles on conflict resolution and incorporating character education into the curriculum.
Articles on teens who triumphed over trouble, what's working in one school system, etc.
Great site of useful biographies that illustrations could be made from.
Another site of biographies, including current biography:
Attributes of a well-educated person
National Center for Youth Issues
Eleven principles of effective character education. (See appendix).
Looks like some great articles!
University of Illinois Contains about 20 lessons, no illustrations, for various character traits. Excerpted from their book. Tell about what have learned in Chicago. Offer classes, seminars. From University of Illinois.
Tips on raising children of character
Center for Advancement of Character and Ethics at Boston University - check out their Internalizing Virtue Framework as a guide to see if your lesson is really making its point They have one example lesson online
On teaching social skills. Interesting ideas from school in Hawaii, yet most I saw were only elementary level.
THIS SITE ROCKS! Interviews, short biographies of great people of our time. Great for the raw material from which to craft stories.
24 articles on character, also links, related themes, etc. Markulla Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University.
The Search Institute. A great archive of research and practical articles on their "Forty Developmental Assets"
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