What Educators Are Saying

 "As a Principal one of my goals is obtain first class assemblies for our students, staff, and community. Bill Sanders delivers. I recommend Bill for your school and look foreword to having him return to our's."

Evan A. Robb, Principal
Johnson-Williams Middle School
Berryville, VA




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Why Hire Bill?


Bill is not just a slick package who thinks people will be motivated because he is cool. He is a known commodity. He is a professional. He is a powerful speaker who since 1978 has:

  • Spoken to over 5 million parents, educators, and students
  • Been certified as a Speaking Professional from the National Speakers Association (Less than 7% of professional speakers have this award)
  • Authored 15 parenting and teen books
  • Been featured in Chicken Soup for the Soul (2nd Helping and Teenage Soul)


Read through this extensive >>FEEDBACK<< from Educators, businesspeople, parents, and students.


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Bill at a National Student Counsel Convention


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Bill Telling a Difficult Personal Story


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